Point of no return

Point of no return

Maybe I just start with what this web page is not: I do not want to present here what I do professionally. If you are interested in that, please follow the LinkedIn link.

But since I’m on my way to my sabbatical I want to use this page to document my thoughts, experiences and ideas.

In the section “Trying Out” I want to tell you a bit more about my sabbatical, under “Writing” I want to give some insight into my efforts to learn how to write and under “Filking” I want to provide song lyrics and chords for my filk songs.

But as in all the years before, this site is still under construction and we will see what will become of this project.

The images on this page I mainly have created using Midjourney and I have to admit that I consider the existence of tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT very inspiring. So, let’s change the world.